7th May 2016


What happens to your gearbox



It’s rarely possible to gauge much information regarding the internal condition of a gearbox form inspecting the external casing and operating the selector other than the presence of very major faults, so the purchase of a ‘condition unknown’ gearbox is fraught with the danger it being an unsatisfactory unit.

I can undertake a full or partial strip down of a gearbox and provide a written report together with a detailed cost estimate for rebuilding and an evaluation and valuation of the parts for insurance or other purposes.


I aim to rebuild your gearbox to as close to original VW factory tolerances as possible and to that end i replace all of the consumable wear items, I.e. bearings, seals and bushes. I also replace all of the circlips as per the factory rebuild procedure and replace all of the synchro rings, gaskets and seals. All settings and backlash are measured meticulously and the box set up accordingly.

I supply a full written report and invoice detailing my findings, what work was carried out and a full itemised list of all parts replaced is supplied along with the warranty. All the parts that have been replaced are also returned to the customer.

Rebuild & Modernisation parts

As well as obtaining new parts direct from VW i also source genuine oem parts from other sources. Whilst a few seals and a couple of bearings i use are not the genuine article they have been chosen as offering better value for money. Their fitment does not compromise the overall strength of the box, nor does it require a full strip down of the box should they ever fail. My stock comes from all around the world in order to obtain the best price which means i can offer considerable savings on some important parts, helping to keep the rebuild costs to a minimum.

Loose pack needle bearing set for 1st and 2nd gear

First gear in a four speed or Syncro gearbox, Second gear in a five speed has a very special inner race which screws onto the pinion shaft and locks the main pinion bearing in place. This race rarely wears unduly but the needle bearing set is not available separately and the whole unique, VW only bearing is over £75.

As an alternative, wherever the gear exhibits enough wear to merit its use I replace the caged needle set with loose needle bearings which provide excellent load spread and smooth running and all for considerably less than the VW item.