7th May 2016


Custom and OEM parts for your gearbox


Short shifter kit for Transporter T25 / T3

A well made kit for all types of van, air-cooled, water-cooled or diesel. A simple DIY fitment with everything needed for the conversion included in the kit with clear and easy to follow instructions.
This kit reduces the amount of throw between gears, meaning you dont have to reach so far for the gearstick.
This kit will not improve a worn or damaged gear shift.
A very good upgrade to any van, especially when used in conjunction with refurbishing the poly bushes in the linkage, the internals of the gear stick itself and closely checking the linkage set up.

Longer stronger gears

I am an approved stockist for gearsets from the Australian – Albins Off Road Gear and able to offer a choice of alternative ratios for 3rd and 4th (4th and 5th for five speed boxes) to suit the the installation of alternative engines such as TDI and Subaru giving stronger and longer gears for cruising at lower RPM and fuel economy.

I can offer gear sets in the following ratios:

4th (5th) Ratios – 0.7, 0.73 and 0.77
3rd (4th) Ratios – 1.08, 1.14 and 1.18
£336 (April 2011) but depends on currency fluctuations, so best to call for an accurate price.

Crown Wheel and Pinion sets in 32/7 ratio final drive are available for 4 and 5 speed gearboxes as well as alternative gear sets and differentials for the earlier air-cooled boxes. But these would require a special order as they are not held in stock.

If there is anything else that you would like to get from Albins then please get in touch as i can add it to my next order or get it sent especially if required.


Alternative Powerplants



RJES Richard Jones Engineered Solutions – Subaru Powered VW components:
For the best solution to the Subaru Flat Four into a T3/T25 choose the RJES aluminium bellhousing.

This gives you the best strength and quality with the convenience of the standard VW clutch slave cylinder and release arm and additionally the reliability and ease of interface with the Subaru clutch and starter-motor.

I can fit this to your box when it is undergoing conversion for longer and stronger gears to suit the Subaru conversion.


TDI input Shaft:
This allows the use of a complete Golf Mk3 or similar clutch apart from the release bearing which remains a standard T3/T25 part.

Hybrid Clutch:
Alternatively you can choose to have a hybrid clutch set up which enables the use of an original diesel input shaft, but requires machining work to be carried out on a TDI flywheel and for various parts to be sourced individually to make up the clutch kit.

If you are converting from Petrol to Diesel (or vice versa for that matter) I can fit the corresponding Bellhousing for you while your box is with me for its rebuild, however the bellhousing itself may need to be supplied by you as i do not carry stock of these items.