9th May 2016


Got questions?


Do you supply exchange gearboxes?

I will only offer exchange units when i can be sure of offering the best possible units. In rebuilding your box i can offer you that high standard by replacing the worn parts as required. You will also note that there are a great many different code gearboxes and it may never be possible to offer them all on exchange anyway.

How much does a full rebuild cost ?

Full rebuild costs from £750 for a 4 speed, £850 for a 5 speed and £950 for a Syncro gearbox. Front differential rebuild for a Syncro from £350. On average a full rebuild including necessary parts and repairs costs between £1000 – £1300 depending on the condition of your gearbox.

Shipping is from £55 each way depending on location. Fitting of alternative gearsets, changing ratios etc, no extra charge. Prices include VAT.

How can i pay for the work ?

I ask for a cheque or bank transfer for £350 upfront to pay for the strip down, along with any collection costs when the gearbox is being sent to me.
Final payment is due when the rebuild is complete and ready for return to the customer and will be (in order of preference) a direct bank transfer, guaranteed cheque or Paypal. Paying via Paypal will incur additional cots however.

My gearbox is broken,can it be fixed ?

It is difficult to say for certain as it depends on the damage, generally most boxes can be fixed but it may not always economical to do so. I can undertake the strip down and then advise on my findings and likely costs so the customer can then make an informed decision.

How long will the rebuild take ?

Provided that the major parts are in a good reusable condition then i aim to turn you box around in 10 to 20 working days. The reason for this is that most often the Gearbox casing itself requires some machining and this work is carried elsewhere. As such the additional shipping times have to be factored in. I will keep you as informed as possible throughout the process to so you stay up to date.

Can changes be made to the gearbox during rebuild, for example fitting a different gear ratio ?

It is advisable to consider the future use of the gearbox and to incorporate any planned changes into the rebuild work.
If for some reason i do not have stock or you have sourced your own parts i will happily fit them and make any other changes required, for example; Petrol to diesel – Fit alternative bell housing and/or input shaft.