28th November 2019


Specialist gearbox rebuilding service for the VW Type 2, T25, T3 water-cooled gearbox.

We rebuild the VW 091/1 and 094 gearboxes, which were fitted to the VW Type 2 Van, pickup, campervan, and 4wd Syncro vehicles between late 1982 and 1992 (and 1992-2003 South African market only), whether petrol or diesel powered and 4 speed, 5 speed or 4wheel drive.
We have been specialising in this type of gearbox since 2007. We have the correct tools to do this work as per factory specification and the experience of having rebuilt well in excess of 500 units.

Aidan did this at first in order to keep his own vehicle on the road after his Syncro gearbox failed not many thousand miles after someone else had rebuilt it. Aidan bought the correct tools, often genuine ones from VW, to enable him to do the job properly. Aidan was working part time at Brickwerks when that business was in its infancy, helping that business to grow, and was an active member of Club80-90 forum and the Syncronauts and so offered his services to fellow club members and very soon it was a full time business.

Earlier this year Neil Fox, another Syncro owner and previous customer joined the business and has trained up with Aidan in all aspects of diagnosis and repair of this ‘family’ of gearboxes.
We source parts from all around the world, as well as having an extensive stock of used parts, to ensure that we can obtain and supply all parts, either original or original quality, or actual upgrade parts in order to rebuild these boxes and support owners who choose to fit alternative engines or otherwise modify their vehicles whether for daily driving or around the world overland travelling.

We don’t offer a repair service for the automatic transmission fitted to the Type 2 T3/T25 or for the air-cooled 002 on 091 gearbox fitted to the earlier Type 2 (Split and Bay) and the early T25/T3 including those fitted with a diesel engine up to the end of 1982. These early diesel engine vehicles used the air-cooled gearbox but with the alternative bellhousing and input shaft to suit the different engine.